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About Us

We are ready to help you succeed, where continents meet.

At the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey is not only experiencing the highest GNP growth rates among OECD countries, but is also realizing the benefits of her privileged ties to Middle East and Central Asian countries. As a result, Turkey is considered as one of the most attractive emerging markets in the world.

Realizing the growth potential for international business in the Turkish and related markets, ARGE was founded in 1991 to provide advisory services in the areas of business strategy development and implementation, evaluation and development of investment projects, development of technical and organizational infrastructure, and change management.

Guidance can only be provided by the best professionals who are up to date with world class standards and who  are also constantly in touch with local market conditions to identify profit opportunities. ARGE  is committed to:

  • Add value to the business of its clients,
  • Provide the right team of experts for each project,
  • Provide solutions that differentiate its clients in the marketplace, with special emphasis on implementation under local conditions,
  • Retain its objectivity and independence of its views, and to protect client confidentiality.

Expertise in a range of different industries such as energy, telecoms, financial services, textiles, retailing and construction is already developed within the company. ARGE also has a network of collaboration arrangements with organizations and affiliates in Turkey, Europe, and USA to bring relevant experience to the projects we undertake, on a timely and need-to-engage basis.