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Institution Building

Organizational performance relies heavily on human capital. This makes human capital one the most crucial assets to achieve organizational goals. In order to improve and empower human capital, organizations need organizational structures and human resources systems aligned with organizational goals. Organizational designs should be flexible enough to be adapted to ever changing conditions and when strategies change. Furthermore, building organizational systems to attract and retain high quality employees is a key competitive advantage.

ARGE helps organizations attract high quality employees, increase organizational performance and gain competitive advantage by developing and implementing human resources management systems that are aligned with organizations’ mission, vision, and strategies. ARGE also delivers comprehensive Corporate Governance and Intellectual Capital Management services that enhances its Human Resources Management services.

ARGE has extensive experience in designing organizational structures and human resources management systems for a wide range of organizations, ranging from small and medium sized organizations to larger organizations in the private sector. ARGE provides services of international quality that are easy to implement in the local cultural environment.