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Business Excellence

ARGE is known for bringing and adapting world-class management concepts and methodologies in Turkey.  Intellectual Capital Rating (IC Rating), Balanced Scorecard, and the EFQM Excellence Model are among those leading methodologies that have been introduced and promoted by ARGE in Turkey.

Over the years, ARGE clients have gained new insights and discovered many opportunities to improve their business performance and management quality.  Many private, public, and non profit organizations applied those methodologies and become exemplary organizations in respect with management quality and performance.  Of those companies, many of them have gained National and European Quality Awards: Arcelik (National Quality Award Winner), Beko Ticaret (European Quality Award Winner), ERDEMİR (National Quality Award Winner), Borçelik (National Quality Award Winner), Assan Aluminium (National Quality Award Winner), and BUMED (National Quality Award Winner).

ARGE consultants have also played leadership roles in initiating the National Quality Movement to improve the management effectiveness of private, public, and civil society institutions throughout Turkey. They played exemplary role and gained reputation over the years with their efforts to promote social responsibility and volunteerism.