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“ARGE has realized a very productive project with The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey in the areas of reorganization and human resources management. ARGE’s team created a synergistic work atmosphere with our team throughout the project.
I would highly recommend ARGE to any institution public, private, or NGO, looking for management consultancy services.”
Rıfat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Chairman

“ARGE demonstrates not only a deep understanding of strategic thinking, management systems, and requirements for international co-operations, but also has the necessary skills for effective local implementation. I believe the service ARGE delivers reflects international quality at home.”
Mustafa V. Koç, Chairman

“ARGE’s professionalism, creativity, work ethic, and ability to form a seamless team with our people are the basic reasons for our long term co-operation.”
F. Bülend Özaydınlı, Chief Executive Officer

“We benefited from ARGE’s methodology and experience in applying the Total Quality Management understanding at all levels from the top executive down to the shop floor. I want to emphasize that we have significantly benefited from ARGE’s ability to think strategically and their implementation experience.”
Agah Uğur, General Manager

“The TAI Board of Directors asked ARGE to conduct a study of the organization and offer recommendations in a very short period of time. The Board and the management of TAI accepted ARGE’s recommendations and implemented a new organizational structure that has proven to be effective in downsizing the company and shifting from managing two major contracts to handling more than 25. I can say without any reservation that ARGE is a company that is reliable and competent to evaluate organizations and management styles and provide useful recommendations and solutions. We at TAI express our gratitude and respect for their contribution to the success of our company”
J.R. Jones, Vice Chairman

“I believe ARGE adds value to our Group by its approach, quality of work, discipline, experience, and attention to local conditions. We are impressed with the ideas and work developed by ARGE over a wide spectrum, ranging from business strategies to government relations strategies.”
Güler Sabancı, Chairman

“ARGE played an important role in the success of our total quality management and change management project, Koç 2000. As a result, the largest private sector company, Arçelik’s winning the National Quality Award and Beko Ticaret’s winning the European Quality Award are indicative of this success.”
Hasan Subaşı, Vice Chairman

“ERDEMİR has worked with ARGE for two projects: In preparing for the The European and National Quality Awards; and in developing our human resources systems. In both cases ARGE has mobilized an experienced team of consultants who worked with our personnel in a seamless fashion. We appreciate the synergy that ARGE created with its experience, approach, work discipline, team work, and harmony. As a result, we have been recognized by EFQM in Europe and received the National “Excellence Award” in Turkey. ARGE also provided guidance to ensure the implementation of necessary systems essential for continuous improvement and organizational excellence. I am very pleased to work with ARGE, and would be highly interested in working with them in the future. I strongly recommend ARGE to all companies, and wish to express our congratulations and gratitude to all ARGE consultants.”
A.Kerim Dervişoğlu, Chief Executive Officer

“In accordance with our understanding of ‘Total Quality’, ARGE consultants had important contributions in the design and implementation of business processess, organizational structure and systems in Assan Aluminium. By sharing its local and international business knowledge and experience, ARGE has helped us with change management and strengthened our strategic management thinking.”
Asım Kibar, Chief Executive Officer

“We had the pleasure to work with ARGE during the strategic reorganization project. ARGE delivered creative and implementable solutions for the organizational structure and systems that were aligned with our strategy. I believe that ARGE added value to our organization in embracing a broader vision, setting the right priorities, and achieving sustainable growth. All our staff appreciated ARGE’s ability to implement corporate governance principles to our organization. I believe ARGE is unique with its management and consulting experiences in our country. Working together with ARGE has been very beneficial for us.”
Vural Akışık, Chief Executive Officer

“I would like to express our appreciation for the work ARGE has done in corporate governance, reorganization, and compliance with international standards for us. We have greatly benefited from ARGE’s knowledge, experience, and approach throughout the project.”
A. Rona Yırcalı, Chairman

“We relied on the support of ARGE in developing strategy and strategically aligned HR systems for our company operating in pharmaceuticals and personal care. ARGE’s sensitivity to tailoring the work to local conditions and balancing theory and practice resulted in problem-free implementation. ARGE has been our window to the world with its attentive and entrepreneurial management team, while showing us how to use our internal organization according to current needs.”
Dr. Erhan Baş, Chief Operating Officer

“During the institutional development initiatives of our group companies, we have benefited significantly from ARGE’s contributions in establishing the necessary corporate and family structures and systems for the Çuhadaroğlu Group. We would like to express our appreciation for ARGE’s work.”
Ahmet Çuhadaroğlu, Chief Executive Officer

“We realized “Strategic Analysis”, “Organization Development”, and “Process Improvement” projects with ARGE. Over a period of nine months, we had the opportunity to both implement short-term suggestions, and take strong steps to prepare our company for the future. During this period, we felt that ARGE consultants were part of our team. The projects helped us achieve a significant improvement in our profitability and market value. In short, it was a great pleasure to work with ARGE, both in terms of the process and the results.”
Melih Batılı, General Manager

“ARGE contributed to our entry in a new business area. ARGE’s technical proficiency and wide network enhanced the quality of our preparations, made us consider many dimensions and reach our targets in a short period. At the same time, their experience regarding the expectations of international institutions have been instrumental in leading us at every stage of the process.”
Yaman Akar, General Manager

“We work with ARGE Consulting in many areas including development of new strategies, their implementation, and nurturing relations with potential foreign partners. We have benefited from their experience in every stage of our projects: developing project plans, securing corporate support, ensuring ffective implementation, and developing communication plans. ”
F. Bülend Özaydınlı, General Manager

“We worked with ARGE for pre and post merger integration process of our company in 2001. ARGE has contributed significant value to our company during both pre-merger period with valuation studies and post-merger integration period by reorganization studies. I would like to express that both us and our international partner believe that ARGE’s experience on merger integration meets global standards.”
Levent İdikut, General Manager

“ARGE has helped us during the institution building and reorganization initiatives that were needed as a result of our fast growth over the last decade. We appreciate ARGE’s professionalism and discipline reflected in detailed final report. Experienced ARGE team prepared an organization plan, including strategic management plans and work principles, that has become an important document to shape our Foundation’s today and future.”
Tamer Şahinbaş, Chief Executive Officer

“ARGE has become a highly demanded guide for companies with its depth of knowledge and experience, and creative business solutions that are integrated with today’s business world and compatible with the conditions of Turkey. We implemented a very successful project with ARGE about the strategic, operational, and financial assessment of our company. ARGE played an important role in defining our goals for the future by its ability to see the whole picture as well as having a deep understanding in each functional area. The foresight we have gained and the infrastructure we have been able to establish for continuous improvement by working with ARGE is noteworthy.”
Ö. Çetin Nuhoğlu, Chief Executive Officer

“I have observed that ARGE has provided great insights and contributions to leading companies in Turkey. With its ability to keep abreast of leading developments in strategy and management and their ability to implement them within the local culture, ARGE Consulting is likely to continue to be a pillar of knowledge and experience in Turkey.”
Cengiz Solakoğlu, Koç Holding, President – Durable Goods