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Governance / Sustainability

Risk is an integral part of today’s business environment. Risk may create losses and also may create opportunities for making gains. A good risk management system can help company’s long term existence and can create shareholder value at the same time. Risk management is;

  • An important component of good corporate governance.
  • All decision making levels, including board, has clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Covers all business process of a company.
  • Internal audit and internal control has a critical role in managing risk.
  • It should be aligned and done according to company’s strategy.
  • Procedures, data collection, data analysis, transparency in the organization and reporting are the musts of the process.
  • Risk appetite of the company determines the operating principals of risk management system.

The objectives of risk management, according to Paul Hopkin, Fundamentals of Risk Management, 2012, are;

  • Compliance; It ensures the compliance of operations with regulations and rules
  • Assurance; The processes in the company has been performed according to predetermined procedures
  • Decision Making; Required risk related information should be available, this information should support and used in decision making.

Efficient Operations, Effective Processes, Efficacious Strategy; The system will assist to get best available outcome with reduced volatility.

Risk cannot be totally eliminated but it can be reduced to limit the losses by reducing the effect of volatility.

We as ARGE will help our customers to establish their risk management system based on below methodology.