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Pınar Ilgaz



  • International Relations – Bosphorus University 1988


Pınar Ilgaz has began her career at Emlak Bank in 1988 as a management trainee. She had worked at the the medium and long term credit assessment unit. From 1991 – 1995, she worked in Vakıf Leasing in Finance department as an Assistant Manager. Ms. Ilgaz is the Managing Partner and management consultant at ARGE Consulting since1995.

Volunteer Activities

  • Ms. Ilgaz has been one of the founders and Board member of the Corporate Volunteers Association (CVA) www.osgd.org
  • Ms. Ilgaz worked as an assessor of Quality Excellence at KALDER (Turkish Society for Quality) for six years. www.kalder.org
  • Ms. Ilgaz has been the Project Manager for the Corporate Social Responsibility Benchmarking Project at KALDER.
  • Ms. Ilgaz supported BÜMED (Bosphorus Alumni Association) for its application to the National Quality Awards. www.bumed.org.tr

Areas of Experience

  • She is authorized to practice as a Certificated Management Consultant by ICMCI.
  • Human Resources Management.
  • Organizational Structuring.
  • Institution Building.
  • Total Quality Management

Reference Experiences

Strategy Development and Performance Management Projects

Pharmaceutical Company; Strategy, Organization and Human Resources Management Project:
Assessment of sectoral trends, preparation of three different future senarios according to the global developments in the pharmaceutical industry; strategy development and determining the targets according to the relevant scenarios; organizational realignment in line with the strategy and targets; updating the human resources systems.

Global Pharmaceutical Company; Upgrading the Efficiency of the Sales Teams:
Determining the expectations and success factors of an ideal sales person; selecting the competent salesmen from the existing team, planning the training programme for the selected group, preparing the segmentation and strategic thinking trainings.

Industrial and Services Company Groups; IT Strategy Development and Processes Upgrading Project:
Development of the reporting system of Executive Management, strategy development and determination of targets for the ten companies, redevelopment of the financial processes of the 10 companies; strategy development for the information technology infrastructure and active role in reporting.

Construction Materials Company; Strategy, Organization and Process Upgrading Projects:
Customer and process based organizational design and conducting the transition to the new structure; preparing the job descriptions for all the positions and development of the human resources system; supporting the company relocation process; upgrade of the marketing and exporting processes.

Gas Distribution Company;
Strategy development, organization structure development and change management after the company merger. Change management activities for the development of the company culture and its dissemination. Determining the IT strategy.

Technology Company, Merger and After-Merger Restructuring Project:
Coordination of the communication between the two companies during the merger process; development of organizational restructuring proposals; development of the transition plan (such as organization structure, no of employees, company name, company inner placement and outplacement)

Textile Group Companies, Development of the Growth Structure Project:
Restructuring of the companies active in the areas of textile and confection production, and marketing; Analysis of the group companies’ interactions with the customers, suppliers and employees, working methods and IT structure; swot analysis; redevelopment of the working methods; human resources management; cost management; development of the company identity; development of the final reports of the executive management reporting system; development of the implementation plans and their application.

Institution Building, Organization and Human Resources Projects

Cellular Phone Distributor; Strategy, Organization and Human Resources Systems Development Projects:
Evaluation of industry trends and business results, development of feasibility analyses for retail operations (two different models, first according to location potentials, second according to store types), determination of company strategies and middle term goals, adjustment of strategies to four dimensions according to Balanced Scorecard methodology, determination of division targets in line with company strategies, restructuring of organization structure, job evaluation for each position, development of performance and compensation systems.

Food Production – Marketing Company, Institution Building Project:
Defining the executive management structure during transition from a family based company; determining the organizational functions; development of the family constitution.

Construction Company – Institution Building Project:
Institution building during family business transition; development of the strategy and targets; organizational restructuring and development of the human resources management system.

Pharmaceuticals Distribution Company, Organization Project:
Development of organizational alternatives according to the sectoral trends and existing working methodologies.

Aluminum Production and Marketing Company, Organization and Human Resources Project:
Organizational restructuring and its implementation process; developing the job descriptions. Building the compensation system; Career and training planning for all the positions.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Group Companies, Organization, Human Resources and Process Development Project:
Organizational restructuring for the company development and its application; human resources systems design and its implementation; development of the process structure; defining the processes and determining the performance criteria.

Iron and Steel Company; Change Management:
Development of change management methodology and implementation of change management alarming structure, organizational restructuring, redefinition of 700 different job descriptions, evaluation and development of compensation system according to job evaluations.

Sectoral Organization; Organizational Development Project:
Development of organizational structure according to the business processes, redefinition of 200 different job descriptions, development of compensation and career modules.

Bank; Top Management Restructuring Project:
Redefining job descriptions of top management, identifying corporate governance principles and board principles, development of reporting package draft for top management.

Iron-Steel Trade Company; Organization and Human Resources Project:
Organizational redesign according to benchmarking at the national and international levels; development of human resources systems and company relocation.

Paper Trade Company; Institution Building Project:
Determining the company mission and numerical targets for the mid-term goals; strategy development for four different work areas; organizational design; development of the compensations system.

Financial Evaluation Projects

Car Rental Company; Management of the Company Sales Process:
Financial evaluation of the company; preparation of the company catalog; coordination between the company and potential buyers.

Health Sector
Supporting the global corporation for the development of reports of its fund management activities for a fund to be developed in and new activity areas.

Media and Education Company
The determination of company value for the company’s search for a new partnership, preparation of the company presentation and active role in the company interactions with new potential partners.

Public Services
Evaluation and feasibility project for the privatization process of the public company.

Restaurant Chain Management System
The assessment of the Turkish branch of an international restaurant chain, the determination of company value, preparation of company presentation and its marketing.

Other Projects

Management of the Application Procedure for the Quality Award:
Management of the application procedure for the National and European Quality Awards for the company active in the Iron-Steel sector; documentation and coordination activities.

HR Due Diligence Projects, 2005:
Three different projects for Türk Telekom, Tüpraş and Erdemir. Analysis of human capital and structures, calculating optimal personnel numbers according to different scenarios.