Türkiye’nin dünyada en iyi tanınan yönetim danışmanlık şirketiYaşam kalitesi, yönetim kalitesi ile artar Globally recognized Turkish management consulting firmImproving quality of management improves quality of life

ARGE Consulting, celebrates its 15th anniversary.

İSTANBUL- Recognized for improving management quality and helping development of non-governmental organizations in Turkey, ARGE Consulting, has been the choice of more than 200 leading institutions in hundreds of projects as the management consulting firm to work with.   The Chairman of ARGE Consulting, Dr. Yılmaz Argüden who is also a columnist at Dünya said “Improving the quality of management, improves the quality of life.”

During its first fifteen years,

  •  ARGE, has helped numerous leading companies in their industries with new strategic initiatives to improve their profitability and market values.
  • Numerous ARGE clients have been recipients of National and European Quality Awards.  Turkey has become one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of the number of European Quality Award recipients she hosts.
  •  Governance of many institutions; and careers and performance of thousands of professionals are being managed by the governance and human resources systems established with ARGE’s institutional development projects.
  • Companies that work with ARGE are able to utilize competition law and EU norms for strategic advantage.
  •  ARGE, has been a leader in introducing new management concepts such as ‘balanced scorecard’, ‘intellectual capital’, ‘value management’, ‘change management’, ‘reputation management’ in Turkey.
  • A leader in Corporate Social Responsibility ARGE, is the first Turkish firm to sign the Global Compact in Turkey.
  • ARGE’s policy of encouraging its employees to donate one day a week for non-profit activities and its achievements in the community has resulted in ARGE being selected as one of the top three companies to Shape the Future with its corporate social responsibility approach by Generation Europe at The European Parliament in 2002.
  • ARGE Consulting has been the only Turkish company to be featured in the European Commission publication named, ‘Responsible Entrepreneurship’.
  • ARGE’s corporate social responsibility approach has been featured in a case study prepared by the Bosphorus University and made available to other universities by the European Case Clearing House.

ARGE stands out with its ability to implement world-class management methodologies within the local culture.  ARGE shares its experience with the public through numerous articles and books, as well as, its web site www.arge.com.