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ARGE Consulting is B20’s Knowledge Partner for Governance & Sustainability

With the development of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and the Paris Climate Summit on the way, 2015 is poised to be a milestone year for global sustainability. With this in mind, the B20 is working to advance solutions related to global sustainability and governance through the continuation of recommendations set out by last year’s Australian summit.

B20 Turkey’s work stream for “Governance and Sustainability,” will address current and emerging global issues and influence policymakers to implement measures that will enhance the business community’s contribution. The work stream will focus on:

  • Importance of responsible business conduct to achieve B20 and G20 targets
  • Importance of responsible governance and business conduct as requirements for financing and membership in value chains
  • The role of SMEs in this transition

Good governance and sustainability efforts are paramount for increasing employment, creating inclusive businesses and societies, protecting the environment, and fighting corruption. In 2015, B20 Turkey will work to advance these goals

Knowledge Partner: ARGE Consulting — ARGE was founded in 1991 to provide advisory services in the areas of business strategy development and implementation, evaluation and development of investment projects, development of technical and organizational infrastructure, and change management.

B20 Governance and Sustainability – Concept Paper
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