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ARGE Consulting is the first Turkish company taking part in the “Global Compact”.

ARGE Consulting has become the first Turkish company to sign the “Global Compact” among hundreds of companies and non-governmental organizations all around the world.
ARGE Consulting is the first Turkish company taking part in the “Global Compact”.

22 September 2005- ARGE Consulting, a company known for its achievements in value creating strategies, management quality, institutional development, and development of non-governmental organizations in Turkey, was selected as one of the top three companies with its commitment for corporate social responsibility by the European Parliament in 2002.  ARGE Consulting has further become the only Turkish company which was recognized in the “Responsible Entrepreneurship” report, prepared by the European Commission to recognize best practices by European SMEs.  ARGE’s efforts in corporate social responsibility are also taught as a case study in many universities (The case study, which was prepared by the Bosporus University, is also taught in universities all around the world through the European Case Clearing House.)

ARGE Consulting, one of the best known management consulting companies in Turkey, encourages its employees to engage in voluntary work for NGOs one day a week as a corporate policy.

ARGE employees have made significant contributions in starting KalDer’s National Quality Movement and creating a separate award category for non-governmental organizations; developing a Management Training program for NGO’s in Bosphorus University; supporting the activities of the Private Sector Volunteers Association to promote volunteerism in the society. ARGE Consulting has also supported Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation’s efforts and published a book on corporate social responsibility.

ARGE Consulting, with its mission to prepare companies for the future, provides services in the areas of strategy, business excellence and institution building, and supports the development and implementation of the leading management concepts in Turkey such as Balanced Scorecard, Value Management, Reputation Management, Change Management and Intellectual Capital.

The Global Compact, which was initiated by the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan during the World Economic Forum in 1999, has been signed by hundreds of companies and non-governmental organizations all around the world. The Global Compact is a purely voluntary initiative with no legal implications. It is a roadmap that is formed around 10 basic principles in the areas of human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption. There are many benefits to participating in the Global Compact:

– To demonstrate leadership in sustainable growth, and corporate social responsibility,
– To have a series of guiding principles in terms of risk management in critical situations,
– To create solutions for social problems by leveraging the UN’s global reach and convening power with governments, businesses, and civil society.
– To increase corporate brand value,
– To increase employee motivation and productivity,
– To engage in and adapt easily for global collaboration,
– To gain access to private funds and achieve lower funding rates.

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