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Globally recognized Turkish management consulting firm ARGE Consulting celebrates 25th anniversary

ARGE Consulting, globally renown for its governance expertise and for “management quality” in Türkiye, has completed over 1000 projects with more than 400 clients. ARGE has an exemplary corporate social responsibility program that has been recognized at the European Parliament.

ARGE Consulting, celebrated its 25th anniversary with respected names from the Turkish and global business world on 26 September 2016 at the Boğaziçi University Albert Long Hall. Chairman of Global Compact Foundation, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart; Chairman of International Integrated Reporting Council, Prof. Mervyn E. King; former CEO of Koç Holding, Can Kıraç; Tüsiad High Advisory Council Chairman, Tuncay Özilhan; and Chairman of International Association of Freighters, Çetin Nuhoğlu were among the contributors at the 25th year celebration.

Improving quality of life

At the opening speech, ARGE Consulting’s Founding Chairman Dr. Yılmaz Argüden said, “Quality of life can only be improved by quality of management. Therefore, strategy: doing the right things, quality: doing things right, building sustainable institutions, and good governance for developing the essential climate and culture of trust are the keys to success.

KonusmacilarÇetin Nuhoğlu, Tuncay Özilhan, Mervyn E. King, Dr. Argüden, Can Kıraç and Sir Mark Moody Stuart

Can Kıraç, Tuncay Özilhan and Çetin Nuhoğlu, who took the stage at the 25th anniversary celebrations has thanked Dr. Yılmaz Argüden for his leadership and vision, as well as adding a value to their companies and the society through transformational work of ARGE Consulting.

A panel discussion was held with the participation of Sir Mark Moody Stuart and Mervyn E. King. At the session, which was moderated by Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, the concept of ‘responsible leadership’ and good governance was discussed. Leaders were called on to think for the answers to the following question: ‘How could we add value to the world?’. At the closing, Dr. Argüden stressed that good governance is a key requirement to improve the quality of life within the country and promoted use of ‘Republic of Türkiye’ in all international communications for better perception management.

PanelistlerMervyn E. King, Sir Mark Moody Stuart ve Dr. Argüden

About ARGE Consulting:

ARGE Consulting is a leading Turkish management consulting firm based in Istanbul. ARGE had initiated the National Quality Movement, served as the B20 Knowledge Partner for governance and sustainability, was the first Turkish signatory of the UN Global Compact, and made critical contributions to the development of local networks with the innovative strategies it had developed. ARGE had also served as a member of the World Economic Professional Services working group, at the BIAC Governance Committee to the OECD, and at the Private Sector Advisory Group of the IFC’s Corporate Governance Group.

ARGE OrtaklarHakan Kilitçioğlu, Pınar Ilgaz, Dr. Argüden, Aylin Tuncer, Dr. Erkin Erimez ve Burak Erşahin