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Someone has undertaken the challenge to bring “quality” to our lives

At times national leaders are very important.  They motivate people, even when they do not get sufficient support they continue with their struggle, sometimes they fail, but generally they succeed…

Atatürk is such a leader.  And his achievements are far beyond what many other leaders have accomplished.

Despite certain justified criticisms, Turgut Özal is also such a leader.  One could perhaps come up with other examples.  However, unquestionable leaders such as Atatürk are hard to come by.

People who try to bring “quality” to Turkey may also be considered among such leaders.  Among them, one in particular, named Yılmaz Argüden has been continually striving to bring quality to all aspects of life.

When he has started this mission, some have even suggested that this was a self satisfying endeavor.  However, he has demonstrated persistence and and brought the concept of quality to the agenda in all dimensions of our lives.

Argüden and his colleagues have brought the subject of quality in public life, politics, and business world into the national agenda.  Lately, this issue is turning into a national issue.

Particularly this year, the establishment of a new category for quality awards for the SMEs will extend the reach of this concept throughout the country.

It is imperative to support the “National Quality Movement” initiatied by Argüden and his colleagues, if are to improve the quality of our future.