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European Union and Turkiye in 2020

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Let us imagine how the news headlines of the year 2020 will reflect the relations between the EU and Turkiye in 20 years:

“The heads of the world’s four largest stock markets (New York, London, Istanbul, Shanghai) met in Istanbul to sign a new agreement on common standards.”

“The Presidents of Turkiye, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan issued a joint communiqué announcing that they agreed to double the amount of oil they market through the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline. The measure was taken to neutralize the adverse effects on world energy balances of the cut in supplies caused by the recent earthquake in the Persian Gulf. Following the communiqué oil prices have declined to their pre-earthquake level.”

“The President of the European Union, offering her condolences, said that they sent their most effective Disaster Relief Teams from Turkiye to the area within an hour of the earthquake.”

“ Last year European inflation level dropped to 0.1%, thanks to productivity improvements particularly linked to the new entrepreneurship wave. Turkish entrepreneurs topped the list of new ventures in Europe.”

“The shares of the Turkish-Greek petroleum company doubled in value in the past week following the good news from oil exploration teams in the Aegean”.

“E-Turkiye Fund ranked the first among Europe’s highest yielding investments.”

“Latest statistics showed that last year Turkiye received the highest number of immigrants in the 70+ age group because of its favorable climatic conditions and its superb service for this middle age group.”

“European Economy Ministers adopted a new system of incentives to promote adoption of TurQuality standards designed by KalDer and endorsed by the European Quality Management Foundation in order to increase the competitiveness of European industries.”

“The European Security Organization meeting called by the Turkish Chief of the General Staff decided to make the European contingent the largest to be sent to Rwanda.”

“The President of the European Union announced that they will send a specialist team from Turkiye to Rwanda to improve the human rights record of that country.”

Turkiye and Israel are said to be behind the decision of the EU Commisioner in Charge of Enlargement to extend an invitation to Iraq and Syria to join the Union.”

“This decision is expected to clear the way for the transportation of water to the Arabian peninsula from Turkiye where water resource utilization is very efficient.”

“Second time in a row, the Istanbul Festival is selected the richest cultural event in Europe.”

“The World Cup goes to Europe that scored two goals against the US in the final game. The Turkish striker, Hakanna who scored both goals is selected the Most Valuable Player.”

“The Turkish pop star Tarkanna just broke Madonna’s record by staying on top of the charts for the 32nd consecutive week.”

Why not?!!!