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Burak Erşahin



  • MBA, Koç University, Istanbul, 1997
  • Industrial Engineering, İTÜ, Istanbul, 1995

Work Experience

ARGE Consulting, Istanbul, Manager, 1999-….. (1999-2001 Consultant, 2001-2004 Senior Consultant):
Contributing and leading projects on; Strategic planning, scenario development, efficiency evaluation and performance improvement, organization structure development, human resources systems development and institutional development.

Pfizer, Istanbul, Production Planning Specialist, 1997-1998:
Responsible for planning process (from forecasting to warehousing) of penicillin group and capsulated products. Prepared monthly and annual reports for internal and external reporting. Conducted efficiency and cost analysis for production areas.

Project Experience

Strategy Development and Performance Improvement Projects:

Pharmaceutical Company; Strategy and Organization Structure Development Project, 2005-2006:
Evaluation of industry trends and business results, three different future scenarios development according to global changes in pharmaceutical industry, development of possible strategies and determination of future targets for each scenario, alignment of organization structure with company’s future goals.

Cellular Phone Distributor; Strategy, Organization and Human Resources Systems Development Projects, 2005-2006:
Evaluation of industry trends and business results, development of feasibility analyses for retail operations (two different models, first according to location potentials, second according to store types), determination of company strategies and middle term goals, adjustment of strategies to four dimensions according to Balanced Scorecard methodology, determination of division targets according to company strategies, restructuring of organization structure, job evaluation for each position, development of performance and compensation systems

Media Company (For two national TV Channels); Performance Evaluation Project, 2006:
Determining news generation performance criteria of “news groups”, efficiency evaluation of each group according to determined criteria, developing recommendations for performance improvement

Logistics Company; Strategic Evaluation Project, 2005:
Analysis of traffic structures of road transport focused company, determination of routes to be concentrated for profit improvement, scenario analysis for different concentration alternatives, evaluation of opportunities in airfreight, sea freight and railway traffics, construction of new organization and working structure according to focused traffics

Paint Company; Marketing Effectiveness Improvement Project, 2004:
Determination of improvement areas in marketing and sales structure by evaluating painting industry and company results, redefinition of sales and distribution network according to optimum wholesaler and salesman number, development of rationalization proposals in product portfolio

Pharmaceutical (Multinational) Company; Sales Group Efficiency Improvement Project, 2002-2004:
Determination of management expectations on critical success factors for ideal salesman, selection of enhanced salesman from the current group, organizing special training programme for the selected group, preparation of “segmentation” and “strategic thinking” trainings of the programme

Agricultural Machinery Company; Strategic Planning Project, 2001-2002:
Evaluation of company business results and new agricultural policies, cause-effect analysis for new policies, effect of global policies on local industry, determination of company mission, middle term goals and action plans, carried out customer segmentation study with the coordination of sales group.

Automotive Parts and Components Manufacturing Company; Strategic Planning Project, 2001-2002:
Evaluation of company results and global trends in automotive industry, determination of company mission and middle term goals, development of different action plans for four different business lines of the company aligned with the determined targets

Construction Materials Company; Strategy, Organizational Structure Development and Reengineering Projects, 1999-2001:
Rationalization of product portfolio and dealer network, designing customer and processes focused organizational structure and carrying out change management activities, redefinition of all job descriptions, development of human resources systems, supporting company relocation activities, reengineering on marketing and import processes

Construction Materials Company; Performance Improvement Project, 2001:
Determination of product and distribution channel rationalization opportunities by evaluating business results. Scenario development for industry future

FMCG Company; Marketing Effectiveness Improvement Project, 1999-2000:
Evaluation of product performances, determination of product portfolio rationalization opportunities, implementation of category management concept
Institutional Development, Organizational Structure and Human Resources Systems Development Projects

Sector Association; Institutional Development Project, 2006:
Redefining association’s vision and targets, identifying organizational structure and working principles of the board

Construction Company, Institutional Development of Family Company Project, 2006:
Clarification of company targets and strategies, reformation of organizational structure and development of human resources systems

Pharmaceutical Distribution Company, Organizational Development Project, 2006:
Proposing organizational structure alternatives by evaluating sector trends and current business processes

Iron and Steel Company; Change Management, Organization and Human Resources Systems Project, 2004-2005:
Development of change management methodology and implementation of change management signalling structure, reformation of organizational structure, redefinition of 650 different job descriptions, evaluation and relatively ranking of all positions, development of compensation system according to job evaluation

Semi-governmental Civil-economical Organization; Organizational Development Project, 2003:
Development of organizational structure according to business processes, redefinition of 200 different job descriptions, evaluation and relatively ranking of all positions, development of compensation and career modules

Bank; Top Management Structures Development Project, 2003:
Redefining job descriptions of top management, identifying corporate governance principles and board principles, development of reporting package draft for top management

Sector Association; Institutional Development Project, 2003:
Definition of new association vision focused on end users and project plan for the next eight years, development of organizational structure based on committees, redefinition of committee and professional staff job descriptions

Paper and Paper Machinery Trading Company; Institutional Development Project, 2000-2002:
Sector and company analysis, creation of new company vision with targets for the following 5-year, strategy development for four business lines, development and implementation of new employee compensation plan

Other Projects

HR Due Diligence Projects, 2005:
Three different projects for Türk Telekom, Tüpraş and Erdemir. Analysis of human capital and structures, calculating optimal personnel numbers according to different scenarios

Iron and Steel Sector Report, 2005:
Prior to privatization of Ereğli Demir Çelik (Erdemir), iron and steel sector report was prepared. Report mainly contains; global trends in iron and steel industry, global and regional competition, and strategic position of Erdemir in this environment

Home Textile Company, Business Plan, 2004:
Within the restructuring activities, five different business plans (for five different business lines of the company) and a consolidated business plan was prepared

Scenario Development for “Yarını Arayışlar” Summit, 2004:
Development of 6 different scenarios on; Turkey – EU relations, Transatlantic relations and Middle East alternatives for “Yarınları Arayışlar Toplantısı” (21 –22 February 2004, Antalya) summit which is held for top Turkish statesmen, professional managers and academicians

Business development Project on e-security, 2001:
Identifying market potential for e-security and certification authorities, modelling financial structure and technical infrastructure, defining company organization, identifying possible partners and development of business plan.