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Dr. Argüden is on the UN Global Compact

Dr. Argüden has been appointed to the Board of the United Nations Global Compact, the world’s highest public-private Board, Chaired by UN Secretary-General as a result of his election as the Chair of the Local Networks Advisory Group (LNAG). The LNAG represents over 100 National Networks of Global Compact signatories.

Local Networks Advisory Group was established last year to empower Local Networks with a greater say in the initiative, thereby maximizing the positive impact of the Global Compact’s global-local reach, knowledge, expertize, and dynamics.

The Local Networks Advisory Group (LNAG) consists of 7 members representing the Americas; Africa; Eastern Europe; MENA; South, Central and North Asia; South-East Asia and the Pacific; and Western Europe.

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, the National Representative of Global Compact Türkiye, is a strategist and governance expert who has demonstrated commitment and leadership to improve the quality of life by improving the state of the world throughout his career.  He has been serving as the Turkish National Representative of the Global Compact as well as the Representative of Eastern European Countries at the Local Networks Advisory Group.  He has been instrumental in developing best in class examples for broadening the implementation of the Global Compact principles by innovative strategies such as:  (i) Sectorial Deployment Strategy and (ii)  Leveraging Natural Allies such as the media, banking sector and brand owners with broad value chains.