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The Handbook of Board Governance: Responsible Boards for a Sustainable Future

Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, of ARGE Consulting in Türkiye, lends this chapter a truly international perspective. Of course, that is appropriate, since any single company or country alone cannot solve climate change and other problems. Yet, the implications for businesses are profound. “Future investment will need to be compatible with a zero-carbon world.”

Argüden provides a great overview of sustainability initiatives, which are mostly global in origin. However, he also includes an impassioned plea:

“The real issue is the global governance structures, the way the incentive systems are organized, and lack o credible leadership on global issues that has the authority and ability to impost remedies…

Therefore the first agenda item for all these meetings should be how to consensually delegate sovereignty to global institutions and how to make these global institutions have real legitimacy and jurisdiction over key global issues…

The second agenda items should be to change the way we teach to prepare the next generations for a more collaborative world… ensure people fully understand their mutual dependence… People should have a say in shaping their own future and be able to contribute in the global decision-making processes that influence their lives.

The third agenda item should be how to reshape our incentives systems, in particular taxations schemes.”

Dr. Argüden goes on to describe measures that corporate boards can initiate and to describe examples from Philips, Unilever, Microsoft, Google, Apple, ING, Puma and others. He concludes with a useful self-assessment tool for board members. There are plenty of tools in this chapter alone to help refocus your company on its long-term survivability, as well as that of a sustained salubrious environment for the planet.

— James McRitchie’s review at CorpGov.net

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